Made To Order


What is made to order?

Most of our items are “made to order” meaning that the product is made once you place the order.

Why do we make items to order?

Many companies mass produce products that are kept in warehouses until someone orders the product. This process, while efficient for ordering, leads to over production of goods which leads to wasted products that end up in land fills and the use of chemicals and energy that was essentially used to produce the wasted product. Shark Tooth Surf Co. is doing its best to reduce waste by making products to order when possible. So, when you see “Made to Order” listed for one of our products you’ll know that product is being made just for you when you order it.

How does this affect your order?

Since the item needs to be produced once you order it you can expect that it will take a few days to fulfill your order. Any shipping delivery estimates are based on shipping the order after the product has been fulfilled.

We understand that this means that you will have to wait a little longer to receive your order, but our hope is that our customers will support our efforts to reduce waste.