The Orange Peel

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Brand: Peel Surf Co.

Stop wasting your wax by leaving it on the beach! Stop letting wax melt in your car ruining your interior! What you need is the Orange Peel. This amazingly simple gadget lets you recycle your used wax instead of wasting it. Just conveniently put the Orange Peel in the cup holder of your car and drop in your left over pieces of wax. The heat of your car will melt the wax into a perfectly formed bar of wax to be reused. Any sand or debris will sink to the bottom and can easily be scraped off.

This this won't work for you because you surf in a colder climate? Think again! The Orange Peel is oven safe, so you can still recycle your wax using your oven. If you want to experiment with making your own wax you can even use the Orange Peel to form your own bars.

Peel Demo

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